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What Are High Security Locking Systems? Are these 4 worth the increased price?

what are high security locking systems

If you’re looking for high security locking systems for your home, then there are a number of options to choose from. These include Medeco M4, Schlage, Kaba Mas X-10, and Dwell+Good.

Medeco M4

The Medeco M4 high security locking system is a new key system that offers two levels of protection against physical attack. It provides patented key control and incorporates proven Medeco technology.

Medeco is known for its leading high security mechanical locking technologies. They have been developing locks and systems for over 50 years. As a result, they are familiar with security professionals worldwide. These products include a variety of locking systems and cylinders.  It is a good idea to get a professional locksmith like US Lock Doc to install these types of systems.

Aside from its innovative design, the Medeco M4 high security locking system includes the latest features to protect against threats. For example, it offers a patent-pending key design that guards against 3D printing.

Additionally, the cylinder uses solid brass machined construction and includes hardened steel inserts. This secure system is UL 437-listed, which makes it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Other innovative features include a sidebar mechanism, rotating offset chisel-point pins, and a hardened steel rod. All of these features contribute to the highest level of protection against physical attack.

For additional security, the Medeco M4 is equipped with a sidebar, which requires the user to interact with it in order to open the lock. In addition, the lock features a reinforced anti-drill faceplate, a steel shroud, and a 1″ hardend steel bolt.

Another feature of the M4 high security locking system is a patent-pending Lift Pin that activates with the Shuttle Pin. Once the movable element is activated, the Lift Pin engages with the secondary sliders to lock the lock cylinder.

To ensure that the system is managed properly, Medeco also developed a Key Wizard with built-in intelligence. It can query the system, provide reports, and alert users if their keys are overdue. Also, it maintains a record of all key removals and authenticates all authorized users.

In order to protect against unauthorized key duplication, Medeco also offers a patent-pending lift pin that works with the patent-pending M4 key. Both the movable element and the lift pin are protected by the strongest nickel silver alloy.

Medeco’s products have been recognized by the Security Industry Association (SIA). The M4 high security locking system was awarded the Campus Platinum Award in 2021, and the Security Today Govies Government Security Platinum Award in 2021.

Kaba Mas X-10

The Kaba Mas X-10 high security lock has been developed to meet the latest revision of the Federal Specification FF-L-2740. It is a self-powered lock that features a backlit LCD display. This innovative lock is designed for use on filing cabinets and security containers.

The lock is programmable in three modes. A random number, true scrambling, and supervisor/subordinate mode. Each mode is approved by the General Services Administration and is used for securing Classified and National Security Information.

The X-10 lock has been tested to resist all forms of external attack. In addition, the lock is independent of batteries and does not require any maintenance.

When using the Kaba Mas X-10 lock, it is important to clear the dial before entering the combination. Once the correct combination has been entered, the lock will reset automatically. Moreover, the lock records all openings and unsuccessful attempts.

This lock is ideal for vaults and automated teller machines. It can also be used in class 5 and 6 filing cabinets, all of which should be installed by a professional like US Lock Doc. Moreover, it is also part of the DoD Lock Program.

The X-10 has a patented, green “PowerStar” technology that uses no batteries. Moreover, it is also resistant to all forms of environmental attack.

It also comes with a two-year factory warranty. As a result, this lock provides the highest level of efficiency and security.

The X-10 lock is an excellent choice for the securing of sensitive materials. Furthermore, the lock is GSA approved and has a backlit LCD display. This makes it easy to operate.

The lock is available in black or light gray. Additionally, it has four mounting holes. Also, the case is a sealed unit, which protects the internal electronics.

Kaba Mas X-10 is one of the most reliable locking products on the market. With its proven durability and reliability, this lock has become a trusted choice among the US government.

The Kaba Mas X-10 lock is an exceptional product that is easy to install and maintain. In addition, it provides the highest user experience. Therefore, it is a perfect fit for secure information facilities, automated teller machines, and other applications.


Schlage is a renowned company that produces high security locking systems. Their products are dependable and long lasting. For your security, you should look into Schlage’s mechanical deadbolts and electronic locks.

With mechanical deadbolts, you get a larger bolt that is tougher to pick. It also has two additional security pins to keep the door from opening.

With electronic locks, you can easily add or delete access codes. These are great for sharing access. You can also install a motion sensor to help you control exterior lighting.

Wireless technology

Schlage has also added wireless technology to their line of products. This can make it easy to communicate with your home automation system and cameras. The company also offers Schlage Connect, a touchscreen door lock that works with popular home automation systems.

Schlage is an American manufacturer of security products. They produce excellent, quality mechanical and electronic locks.

A new product called the E-Bolt will allow you to easily manage your keys. This maintenance-free solution will eliminate the hassle of deadbolt replacements.

Another great product from Schlage is the Primus. The Primus is a key system that is designed to prevent key duplication. Locks using the Primus are compatible with all of Schlage’s other security locks.

The Primus has five different levels of security. Each level can be upgraded to provide more protection. In order to access a particular level, you must have an ID card with you.

Schlage is one of the leading lock manufacturers in the United States. Because of their superior products and manufacturing process, they have been able to win over the competition. However, you should consider the area where you live before purchasing these locks and make sure you contact a professional locksmith like US Lock Doc.

Some of the security pins used by Schlage are patented. These pins are protected from drilling and are used in conjunction with the Interactive(r) platform. Using the Interactive(r) platform, you will have the ability to drill resistance and pick resistance.

There are also Schlage electronic deadbolts, which are easy to add and delete. The Grade 1 series has 30 access codes. Unlike other electronic locks, you don’t need to worry about adding a code to each lock.


If you are looking for a high security locking system for your business, Dwell+Good is an affordable option. Their products are designed to protect your front and back doors from theft. They feature a door latch design that requires a key to unlock, and the locks are made from nickel. In addition, these locks are code compliant and come with a free power supply. However, unlike some of the other high security locking systems, they do not come with a warranty. So, you should be prepared for the fact that you will need to replace them if they become faulty.

Dwell+Good is a relatively new brand, and so they have not yet established themselves as an industry leader. But, their product line is very competitive with other high security brands, and is very affordable. The only downside is the lack of a warranty. Nevertheless, this is the most affordable lock available, and is a good entry level option.

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