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Does Car Insurance Cover Locksmith Services? 4 Great Insurance Companies to Consider

does car insurance cover locksmith services

If you’re looking for a way to get your car insured, you’ll want to consider whether or not your policy includes locksmith services. This can be a great way to ensure that you are prepared for emergencies if you ever have to get locked out of your vehicle. But you should also be aware that it’s important to shop around before making a decision, as the coverage can vary from insurer to insurer.

US Lock Doc

If you are a policy holder with roadside assistance, your insurance company may have you covered in case you need a locksmith. The costs of hiring a pro can add up, so it is best to know what you’re getting into. This is especially true if you drive a luxury car.

You can find an affordable and reliable locksmith in your local Orange County, CA city. Whether you need a simple deadlock or a master suited locking system, you can count on US Lock Doc. They are family owned and operated having been around for multiple generations and have a reputation for delivering fast, reliable service.

For instance, they can assist with their roadside assistance, which enables you to get help in minutes. In addition to the car, they can also assist with commercial vehicle and RV’s. If you are in Orange County, they’re able to arrive at your location in less than an hour depending on time of day and exact location.


Another example of a similar caliber is GEICO. As you might expect, they’re not cheap, but you can find a quality, dependable company with coverage plans that meet your budget. It’s a good idea to shop around before deciding on your provider, as many companies offer different discounts. Also, check with your agent to see if you qualify for any discounts.

While you are at it, you should also consider getting a policy with a comprehensive umbrella of benefits. Not only does this give you the freedom to customize your coverage, it gives you peace of mind. Your insurer will provide a variety of services to help you with any roadside emergencies, from a flat tire to a lockout.

Finally, a good insurance agent will be able to help you with a variety of insurance questions and concerns, from a new car to a pre-existing policy. From a simple quote to a comprehensive review of your existing coverage, they’ll help you with all of your needs. Taking the time to shop around can save you money and a lot of headaches in the long run. Fortunately, you can find an affordable insurance plan with a quality company like United Locksmith.


If you have Progressive car insurance, you may be eligible for a roadside assistance program that includes locksmith services. The program is an add-on that costs $14 per vehicle each year. It covers a range of services, including jump starts, battery repairs, and flat tires.

Roadside assistance is not available in every state. You will need to contact your car insurance company to find out if you are eligible. Fortunately, if you have a Progressive policy, you can call the customer service line and find out for sure.

The program is a good value. In addition to locksmith services, it covers towing, fuel delivery, and jump starts.

Progressive also offers a telematics program. This service lets you record your driving habits and receive discounts. With the Snapshot program, you can save up to $145 a year.

You can add this supplemental coverage to your policy quickly and easily. Simply enter your ZIP code in the free tool and you will receive a list of insurance companies with quotes. You can then compare them to find the best deal.

Some programs also include a certain amount of free gas. However, the price varies depending on how you buy the policy. Buying a Progressive policy online may be cheaper than purchasing from an agent.

You can save even more by bundling your policies with other providers. For example, you can get a discount of 15% when you purchase both your Progressive auto and homeowners insurance with the same company.

Progressive customers say it’s easy to start a claim and they typically get help within a few hours. However, some have complained about slow response times and a long claims process.

While the program has a few limitations, it provides peace of mind at a reasonable price. The program also has a cap on roadside events. When the limit is reached, the insurance carrier may begin to raise your rates.

The program will pay for towing your vehicle to the repair shop if you are disabled. However, the program does not include the cost of replacing your locks.

State Farm

State Farm car insurance covers a wide range of services, including emergency road service, which may come in handy if you’re in a hurry and lock your keys inside your vehicle. There are also discounts on locksmith services.

Locksmith costs are not covered by most auto insurers, but they are covered by State Farm. This program can save you money in the long run.

The company provides mobile apps for policyholders, which make managing claims easy. Policyholders can use the app to report an incident and check the status of a claim. They can also upload photos and pay their bills.

Another benefit of the State Farm roadside program is that it can cover flat tire changes. In addition, the company can provide you with a tow truck, a rental car, and gas refills.

State Farm will also offer towing to the nearest repair facility if your vehicle breaks down. Depending on the service, customers may be responsible for towing costs after a certain mileage cap. It’s a good idea to keep this in mind if you want to avoid any out-of-pocket expenses.

When a claim is submitted, an adjuster from the company will analyze the circumstances of the accident. If the accident is deemed to be an eligible event, the adjuster will provide an estimate of the cost of repairs. After receiving the estimate, the customer will be asked to provide additional information.

In addition to roadside assistance, State Farm can also assist you if your vehicle gets stuck in the ditch. Customers can choose between a mid-range or a comprehensive package, which can vary in price.

For more information, policyholders can contact State Farm’s claims department. This department is available 24 hours a day. You can also submit a claim online.

State Farm offers a variety of other benefits, including discounts for anti-theft devices, student drivers, and motorists who have no moving violations. As a result, they are able to save their customers up to $483 annually.

Before deciding on a provider, make sure you compare quotes from several companies to find the best deal.


Car insurance companies, such as USAA, often cover locksmith services. You may have to pay for the service out-of-pocket, but your auto insurance provider may reimburse you. If you are unsure, ask your agent.

The cost of a locksmith can vary from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. Some companies will cover the entire cost of the service, while others will have you pay a deductible. When deciding on a company, consider customer service, customer satisfaction, and handling of complaints.

In addition to providing locksmith services, USAA provides roadside assistance. This coverage helps with lockouts, flat tires, emergency fuel delivery, and tire changes. It also covers towing. Depending on the plan, you can get a technician to tow your car to a repair shop or to a gas station.

Most roadside assistance plans have a cap on how much you can claim. Often, it is capped at the number of times you have towing or lockout claims during your policy period. For example, a car with a dead battery may be towed up to 15 miles.

Your auto insurance provider will walk you through the claim process. Generally, they will ask you to provide your policy number, a photo of your vehicle, and information about the accident or event. They will help you file a claim online or through their mobile app.

Depending on the company, your insurer may also require you to pay for a deductible. You can use a tool on the company’s website to find approved locksmiths in your area.

USAA Roadside Assistance is available as an add-on to a regular car insurance policy. A $20 monthly fee covers the cost of locksmith services, towing to an authorized auto repair facility, and other services. Depending on the plan, you can also receive up to $100 worth of auto service fees.

Although USAA’s services are convenient, they do not provide trip interruption coverage. If you need to make a claim, it can take several days to get instructions. Also, if you are a member of a popular auto club, the prices are higher than with USAA.

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