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Choosing Between Double Cylinder and Single Cylinder Deadbolts Depends on Your Security Needs

Single cylinder deadbolt

There are several types of deadbolts available to home owners. Some of them are double cylinder and others are single cylinder deadbolts. Both types have their advantages and disadvantages. Whether you’re shopping for your first lock or you’re replacing your existing lock, you can choose a deadbolt that will suit your security needs and your budget.

Double cylinder deadbolt

Double cylinder deadbolts offer increased protection for doors, preventing burglars from unlocking the door without a key. However, these locks can present some safety hazards, making it difficult to exit the building in an emergency. It is therefore important to consider the pros and cons of double cylinders before purchasing one. This will allow you to determine if this type of lock is right for your home.

When choosing a double cylinder, you should always keep the following things in mind: You should be aware of the fire code restrictions in your area. Several cities have banned double cylinder locks in order to keep occupants safe. Also, you should never use a double cylinder on an emergency door. In addition, if you are installing a double cylinder on an exterior door with glass, be careful about the risks. The glass panels on the front of your door can be easily broken and the lock can be unlocked.

If you are looking to improve the security of your home, a single cylinder deadbolt may be a better choice. These locks require a key on the outside and a thumb turn on the inside. They are also easy to open for small children. Although these are less secure than double cylinders, they are inexpensive and can give you peace of mind.

Another benefit of the single cylinder is the fact that it can be installed on the exterior side of a door. Burglars often see these types of locks and will try to break the glass in order to unlock the door. However, if you install this type of lock on the interior side of the door, you can prevent this problem.

Contact US Lock Doc

If you are unsure about which deadbolt will be best for your home, it is a good idea to consult a qualified locksmith like US Lock Doc. A professional will be able to explain the differences between these two types of locks, and recommend a solution that is right for your needs.

If you have a double sided door, you should also consider a double cylinder deadbolt. This type of lock is particularly useful for sliding glass doors. Unlike double cylinders, a single cylinder deadbolt is not very difficult to open. Once you have the key on the inside, the bolt retracts.

If you are not sure which type of lock is best for your home, it is a wise idea to talk to a professional locksmith like US Lock Doc. This will help you choose a high-quality lock that will provide you with peace of mind. Whether you need assistance selecting a deadbolt or you would like to purchase a new set, contact Trademark Hardware. We have experts on hand to answer any questions you might have about double cylinder deadbolts.

Finally, if you are interested in adding a new set of double cylinder deadbolts to your home, be sure to get a quote from a qualified locksmith. Most homeowners prefer to replace their old, flimsy, and ineffective locks with new, durable and effective deadbolts.

Single-sided deadbolt

A single-sided deadbolt is an attractive choice for homeowners looking to add extra security to their doors. The good thing about this type of lock is that it is a simple, inexpensive, and functional way to protect your home. However, before purchasing a new one, it’s important to know the differences between the various types. This will help you make the right choice.

In general, there are two types of deadbolts: single and double. While they are both useful, you should choose the right one for your home’s needs. For example, if you have a door that has a glass panel, a double cylinder is the better option. Moreover, if you have young children or pets, you may want to consider a double cylinder. These types of locks are designed to prevent accidental openings and keep your pets and kids in while you’re away.

Harder to open

On the other hand, if you have a single-sided lock, it’s much harder to open it without the proper equipment. Single-sided deadbolts have a thumb turn on the inside, but it’s only as useful as the key. If you’re concerned about intruders breaking in by simply knocking, you should think about purchasing a deadbolt that is bump proof. It’s also worth checking the credentials of the manufacturer. Most deadbolts are made of stainless steel.

The good news is that there are many different models of single-sided deadbolts. The best ones are usually inexpensive. Some are even rekeyable. They offer some benefits that can’t be compared with the double-cylinder model, including being more convenient. Although, you’ll have to do a little legwork to find a model that meets your needs. Also, you need to choose a deadbolt that will last. You don’t want to replace your lock too often, or you’ll end up spending more money than you bargained for.


Another good thing about a single-sided deadbolt is its jimmy-proof design. This is because the key to unlocking it is a “thumb turn.” It’s worth mentioning that the turning mechanism is typically arranged to face the inside of the door. As such, it’s not obvious when you’re in the home. Ultimately, though, a single-sided deadbolt is only a worthwhile investment if you live in an area where it is necessary to use heavy machinery to open it.

With all of the choices available, you might wonder which one to choose. Well, the Kwikset 600 series is the king of the deadbolts. Not only is this product the most popular in America, but it also offers tough protection at an affordable price. One other thing to note is that the company has been around for over 70 years, making it a trusted name in home security.

The other big difference between a single cylinder and a double cylinder is the locking mechanism. A double cylinder has a “turning” mechanism, while a single-sided deadbolt only has a key slot on the outside. Both are very effective, but the double-cylinder model offers more versatility and a bit more security.

Drawbacks of a single cylinder deadbolt

When it comes to choosing a deadbolt, you have a few options. One of these is a double cylinder lock, which can provide you with extra security. Another is a single cylinder lock, which is an affordable and convenient alternative to a traditional lock. However, there are pros and cons to both, so you’ll want to be sure to make the right choice.

The most important consideration when deciding between a single cylinder and a double cylinder lock is whether or not the product provides the same security. This is especially important to families with young children. Children can unlock the door without a parent’s knowledge, and they can also break the glass on the door to gain access. Therefore, a double cylinder may be a better option, particularly if your family has a history of mischief. Alternatively, a single cylinder may be a more affordable option that is less secure than a double cylinder.

Personal and family needs

Choosing a deadbolt is a similar decision to choosing other home improvement projects. You will need to consider your personal and family needs, as well as your environment. A professional locksmith can help you understand the differences between the two locks and make the best recommendation for your situation.

Single cylinder deadbolts can be a useful addition to a home, particularly for doors that have a glass panel. In fact, some cities have banned double cylinder deadbolts on egress windows.

While double cylinder deadbolts are more secure, they also come with a number of downsides. For instance, if you live in a cold climate where the temperature can get low, a double cylinder may not be the best option. Also, in an emergency, a double cylinder deadbolt can be a safety hazard. If you have to exit your home in an emergency, you will need to locate your keys before you leave.

Single cylinder or double cylinder deadbolt

Although both are great solutions to locking your doors, single cylinder deadbolts are a better option for many applications. They are inexpensive, easy to install, and they have a good level of security. Some homeowners choose single cylinder deadbolts for their entire home, as they are more convenient to use than a double cylinder.

However, a double cylinder deadbolt is a good alternative for high security settings, including government facilities and commercial buildings. Moreover, they offer more flexibility. Most models allow you to operate the lock with a thumbturn. It can be locked while you are inside the house, and unlocked when you are leaving. With a double cylinder, you need to open both sides of the door in order to leave.

A single cylinder deadbolt is a more compact and less expensive option than a double cylinder. However, they are not as secure as other types of locks. Ultimately, you need to find a combination of functionality, convenience, and affordability that works for your particular home.

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