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Sliding Doors: 5 Ways to Be Provocative and Strengthen for Better Security

How to strengthen a sliding door

If you have a sliding door, there are a few things you should know about strengthening it. For one thing, you should install a secondary lock system to prevent anyone from gaining access to your home. You should also consider installing a floor latch and a security barricade. This will keep your doors locked and will also add a layer of privacy to your windows.

Install a secondary lock system

A secondary lock system can be a good way to strengthen the security of your sliding door. It can be installed on the outside or inside of your home. In addition to providing extra protection, it can also help keep curious children from opening your door.

There are several types of locks that can be added to your sliding door. For starters, there are auxiliary locks, which are designed to be installed on the top rail of your sliding glass door. You may need to purchase a lock that is certified to meet local building codes.

Other options include installing a loop lock. These are typically made of hardened steel. They can be purchased for less than $10. Once they are installed, they lock the sliding door to the jamb.

A second type of lock, called a “security bar,” is another way to strengthen your home’s security. These can be used to lock many different types of windows. However, they are not as secure as other auxiliary locks.

The best locking solution is a combination of a mortise lock and a secondary lock. This combination will provide the best protection, but it will take some work to set up.

Another option is to install a security film. This will help prevent burglars from breaking your glass. It’s also a great way to add extra support to a glass sliding door.

Sliding doors can be difficult to open, which makes them very vulnerable to break-ins. An auxiliary lock, such as the Milgard SmartTouch Bolt, can be installed to make egress easy and secure.

Adding a security film to your door will also make it harder for kids to open the glass. If you aren’t a DIY expert, it’s a good idea to contact a professional like US Lock Doc to complete the job.

Install a floor latch

Installing a floor latch to strengthen a sliding door is an easy way to protect your home. Most sliding glass doors are easily broken, leaving your home vulnerable to intruders. The installation process is quick and inexpensive.

First, make sure the opening in your door is level. Adjust the height of the door to match the jamb. If the jamb is sloping, use shims to hold it in place.

Next, trim the ends of the hinge and latch jambs. You may need to remove some of the screws that hold them together.

Then, clean the track. Lubricate the bottom track with paraffin wax. This will provide a barrier against dirt and grit. Use a paraffin wax that is more durable than silicon.

Once the tracks are cleaned, install the hardware. To do this, you will need to measure the width and length of your jambs. It should be two to two and a half inches longer than the rough opening.

If your jambs are bowed, you will need to install some type of extension jamb. These jambs can be made from treated wood or aluminum. They are also available in composite materials.

Then, you will need to make sure the door has enough clearance. Clearance should be at least three to eight inches.

Before you install the hardware, you will need to adjust the door jamb. In most cases, you can plump the jamb by hand. However, in some situations, a sturdy screwdriver will help you bow the jamb.

Lastly, install the head stop. When the door is closed, it should fit snugly in the track. If the gap between the jamb and the panel is greater than three to eight inches, you can fill the space with a wooden dowel.

Install a security barricade

If you’re concerned about your sliding glass or sliding patio door being broken into, it might be a good idea to install a security barricade to strengthen it. Fortunately, these devices are easy to install and require little effort on your part.

In addition to a security barricade, you might consider adding a sliding door locking system. Most sellers recommend a two-bolt system. This is not only easy to install, but it also provides the extra protection of a solid steel locking bar.

When choosing a security bar, you should consider the size and material of your door. The smaller the device, the less noticeable it will be. Also, you should consider the installation process.

Installing a security bar will help prevent a burglar from simply lifting the sliding glass door off the track. But it’s not the only way to prevent this. You can also add a jimmy plate to keep the door in place.

To make your sliding glass or patio sliding door safer, you can reinforce the frame with plywood or other materials. However, this can be an expensive project. Alternatively, you can reinforce the glass with a metal bar.

Other options include installing window film. While this will certainly increase the time it takes for a burglar to break into your house, you may also want to consider replacing the glass. For a small fee, you can get a glass break sensor.

Putting up surveillance cameras is another good way to keep an eye on the neighborhood. These cameras can be connected to your smartphone or laptop, and send you a notification when someone approaches.

Aside from installing a security barricade and adding a surveillance camera, you can also improve your home’s security by installing a motion detector. A motion detector will light your patio when someone approaches.

Add privacy window film

Privacy window film is a great way to protect yourself from glare, heat and UV rays. These films also increase the strength of regular glass and provide privacy. They are easy to install and add some flair to any window.

The best films are made of translucent material and can be cut to the desired shape and size. They can be used on exterior and interior windows. You can get window films in different colors and patterns. Some have a solid opaque look, while others are clear. Depending on the room you’re attempting to cover, you can choose a tint that gives you the most privacy.

There are also films that provide both light and privacy. They’re a popular choice for home offices, entertainment rooms and bathrooms. These one-way films block glare and allow natural light in, but do not allow outward visibility. If you’re looking to block out a lot of sunlight, however, you should consider purchasing a reflective film.

A variety of different types of privacy window film are available for purchase. Most of them are easy to install and require little maintenance. They can be cleaned with a soft cloth or non-abrasive spray cleaner. Depending on the product, installation instructions will vary.

If you’re concerned about the durability of window films, consider using plexiglass. This is stronger than regular glass, and can be purchased at most hardware stores. However, plexiglass is much more sensitive to cleaning.

Privacy window film can be installed by a professional like US Lock Doc or at home. It’s best to use a liquid solution for application. To maneuver the film into place, you’ll need a squeegee. When you’re done, remove the excess film with a straight-edged razor.

Clean the track

Cleaning the track of a sliding door is a good idea if you want to keep your home looking nice. It will also help your door function better.

One way to clean a track is to vacuum it. This will remove any large debris and dirt that could hinder the movement of your door.

To keep your track in top shape, it is important to deep clean it from time to time. You can do this by using a vacuum with a long thin attachment or by scrubbing it with a sponge or a wire brush.

Another option is to use a baking soda and vinegar solution to help break up hard to get at grime. Make sure you rinse your track well afterward.

While you’re at it, you can also try a combination of warm water and vinegar to scrub away stubborn dirt. Remember to clean the tracks on both sides of the door.

Once you have removed all of the excess debris, you should rinse your track. Next, you can dry it off.

One more thing you should do is use a soft cloth to wipe off the traces of solution that remain. Doing this will prevent residue from building up and making you come back to it later.

Finally, it is a good idea to check for dents or leaks in the track. These may indicate a problem with the locking mechanisms or the wheels. However, if you don’t see any problems, you’re probably safe to leave it alone.

If you’re in a hurry, you can get the track clean with a little elbow grease and a few cleaning tricks. But if you have a bit of time to spare, you can make the process even easier by following a few simple steps.

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