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4 Important Locksmith Services Provided By US Lock Doc

Locksmith Services

Locksmith services may include rekeying and lock repair; installation of security systems; upgrading existing locks with smart models.

Rekeying house locks is an essential step when moving to a new residence, to ensure only those living there currently can gain entry.
locksmith services

Lock Repair

Once a lock has become damaged, it’s essential that it be addressed immediately by a professional locksmith. Otherwise, criminals could easily pick or break them, leaving your home or business vulnerable and less secure than it should be. Luckily there are multiple locksmith services who specialize in repair and replacement needs that can assist.

If a key doesn’t fit properly into the deadbolt, this could be due to miscut keys. In such an instance, locksmiths can cut a new key that fits better and prevent jamming or becoming stuck within the lock cylinder. In some instances, adding graphite spray or silicone-based lubricant could also solve this problem.

As part of routine property maintenance, it is also essential that locks are regularly serviced in order to maintain good working order. Over time, locks may wear down due to usage and require replacing or upgrading; having regular check-ups by a locksmith will ensure your property is secured against intruders while providing functional locks for everyday use.

Sometimes it may be necessary to replace all your locks entirely if they’re old, damaged or compromised during a break-in attempt. A locksmith will be able to install modern lock technology for maximum protection and maximum security.

One common reason for replacing locks is because they no longer function, either due to key loss, damage from an attempted break-in, improper installation or being incorrectly fitted in the first place. Consult a professional locksmith to make sure you’re getting the highest-quality locks for your home or business; they offer multiple solutions quickly so you can feel secure within them.


Lock rekeying is an ideal solution if you’ve recently moved into a new home and wish to restrict who can gain entry. Rekeying locks is also cost-effective alternative to replacing them. Rekeying involves having an expert locksmith alter the pins inside your door lock so it no longer accepts its old key, thus barring anyone who may possess prior keys from entering. A professional locksmith can make this transformation quickly and effortlessly.

In most instances, locksmiths like US Lock Doc only need to replace the pins in your lock for you. If you plan on rekeying multiple locks simultaneously, all must belong to the same brand and type. To test this hypothesis, put your key into each of the locks that need rekeying to see if it fits snugly and smoothly.

Rekeying locks is often an easier, quicker, and cheaper alternative to entirely replacing them. But in certain situations it might make more sense to switch out all of them at once.

Lock changes may become necessary after losing keys or having employees leave, taking copies with them. While rekeying services would likely provide the best solution for such instances, it might also be wise to simply switch out all your locks altogether if possible.

A full replacement may also be necessary if your lock assembly starts to show signs of wear and tear, ensuring the security of your home. In these instances, it will be essential to change it out altogether as soon as it starts becoming damaged in order to keep yourself and family protected from potential risks.

Rekeying locks by a professional locksmith offers many advantages. Rekeying can help make life simpler when moving into a new home, changing keys after firing an employee, or just seeking to improve security – regardless of its purpose or timeliness. A professional locksmith can easily rekey your locks quickly without damaging doors or locks – this makes for much cheaper and faster solutions than having entire lock assemblies replaced entirely.

Key Duplication

Duplicate keys can help relieve the anxiety and frustration of being locked out, both inside your home, car or office. Your local locksmith offers this simple, cost-effective service and having spare sets may also come in handy should you need access granted for house sitters or trusted individuals.

An extra key can be an invaluable asset in case of lost or damaged original keys, alleviating stress over possible delays to work and guaranteeing access to both home and office when required.

People often underestimate the significance of having a spare key until they’ve experienced the stress and inconvenience of being locked out. Losing or breaking a key can be inconvenient and risk leaving you locked out unwittingly if left inactive; having an extra key can save a lot of hassle and is much cheaper than replacing locks altogether.

Locksmiths use special tools that use an original key as a template to create duplicate keys, with blank keys placed overtop of it and aligned using an alignment bar for perfect symmetry. Once aligned correctly, these are then sanded down until an exact copy of its predecessor exists. Most blank keys are made from brass or nickel-brass mixture; however your locksmith may use another material depending on your lock type.

You may think having a key stamped with “DO NOT DUPLICATE” will prevent its duplication, but this is simply not true. While this type of message may appear on office keys to limit security violations caused by former employees leaving, it does not increase its security; your local locksmith can still make duplicate keys but they will require proof of identity and permission from the original key holder before creating one for you.

Emergency Lockout Assistance

When you find yourself locked out of your home or car, the first step should always be staying calm. Though this situation may seem dire at the time, there’s always an easy and quick solution available: call your locksmith near you for help – they will be on their way quickly to unlock your doors without damaging them, saving you from costly repair bills in the future.

Make sure that you always carry a spare key, or check with your auto insurer to see if they offer roadside assistance as part of their policy or as an optional coverage add-on. Roadside assistance typically sends out locksmiths if necessary and will come quickly to help unlock your car when locked out.

Home lockouts may occur for various reasons, including forgotten keys within the house, lost or stolen keys, and locks that do not turn. Professional locksmiths offer various solutions to these problems such as rekeying and new lock installation services to address these problems; lock rekeying involves changing out pins in the locking mechanism to render old keys useless while keeping original locks functioning normally; while new lock installation involves unbolting old hardware from doors such as bolts and cylinders and installing fresh components.

DIY lockout solutions may include using a hangar through the window; however, this could damage the lock system and set off alarms. Furthermore, modern vehicles feature complex security systems which cannot be bypassed using simple tools alone; to keep your car secure it’s best to consult a locksmith about high security locks which are bump proof, drill proof and pick proof.

One simple way to prevent home and vehicle lockouts is cutting duplicate copies of your keys and giving them to trusted friends or family, who can provide one if you lose or misplace your original copy. In addition, installing additional locks at doors and windows and adding extra security measures could further protect yourself against lockouts.

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